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Old Age Home Bangalore, Elder Care Home Nursing Service

We, Medicoshelp provide a variety of services for the elders. Our grateful elders who enjoyed and benefited from our services are our only source of advertisement, since their verbal testimony to their relatives and friends is the most authentic and responsible way of spreading our message. We welcome suggestions and help from like minded people to expand our services to more elders and in new areas.

Elderly Care

We, Medicoshelp are one of the leading elder care service providers in Bangalore. Elder care service, credit goes to our professionals who are experienced, skilled and help the patient with care and honesty. We train Our Staff in our assisted living facilities and impart all the necessary skills for outstanding elder care Service experience. We know that the right match is important and we make every effort to accurately match our caregivers to our clients.

With our elder care service we enhances our clients confidence to live happily with the best health, thats how we spread smiles on elders faces that give us to serve more elders with love and compassion.

Home Nurse

We, Medicoshelp provide home nurses who will attend to the patient 24 hour in the home setting. The nurse will primarily assist the patient with their activities of daily living, such as feeding, grooming, bathing etc. The nurses are trained in geriatric care at our facility where they have spent a period of time attending to the aged, infirm patients and where values such as accountability and commitment have been inculcated.

We trust that you have come to the right place, and that the decision you take in either direction institutionalized care or home care- will enhance the quality of life of both you and your aged loved one.

Assisted Living Home

Medicoshelp Assisted Living Home is designed for seniors who are no longer able to live on their own safely, but do not require the high level of care provided in a hospital. Assisted living brings together a special combination of housing, personal care and other supportive services. It is a wonderful option for those desiring to remain in a residential environment and do not require the intense medical care provided in a traditional nursing home. Residents will enjoy the safety of 24 hour staffing, with supportive services and health care tailored to individual needs. Assisted living allows the freedom and dignity of maintaining easy life style with the availability of professional medical care as and when needed.

Palliative Care

Medicoshelp is a palliative care center that specializes in geriatric health care management. The word 'palliative' implies comfort measures, soothing support system, necessary end-of-life care. The word 'geriatric' means that which pertains to old age. When you put the two together, what you get is a service to your aged loved ones such as you would provide in your own homes, with the added advantage of skilled medical support ever available.

Our is primarily a palliative care center or hospice with a skilled nursing regime. However, we are also an Assisted living home. A few of the residents require assisted living, but the majority require round the clock care.

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We MedicosHelp pioneers in home nursing service in Bangalore are ready to help people who really need medical help & care. Don't hesitate to contact us..

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